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April 15th - 24th is already in session

April 29th - May 8th is open for registration.  Let us know if 7-8am (12 spots left) or 7-8pm (5 spots left) works for you.

Email, call, or stop by to reserve your spot ! Each time slot is capped at 12 participants.

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CrossFit Kids


May 24th (10:00am to ???) - WOD For Warriors "21 Gun Salute"
(Register by clicking logo below)


JUNE 1ST - Olympic Weightlifing Seminar with Ursula Garza Papandrea
10am-1pm "Intro to Weightlifting" Capped at 12. $50/person
2pm-5pm "Intro to Weigthlifting" Capped at 12. $50/person
5pm-7pm "Weightlifting Session" Capped at 10. $50/person
*  Click photo below to read more about Coach Ursula


April Athlete Spotlight

Jeromy Speciale

Greetings SACF Folks!

It's now time to celebrate another amazing athlete!  Our April Spotlight shines on someone who embodies Team Spirit and a love for San Angelo CrossFit!  It's none other than Jennifer Wood!  Jennifer was there for our very first workout ever, CrossFit for Hope, on June 9th, 2012.  At that time, Wood hadn't even gone through Foundations but she had a great time and hasn't stopped since!  Wood is always there to support her fellow crossfitters, even making it to a few out-of-town competitions simply to support SACF in action.

Wood, thanks for always arrivContinue Reading
Congrats! Always smiling...........well deserved.
Awesome stuff Jennifer, So nice to see you up here:) keep up the good work !!!
Very proud of you, Jennifer. Congratulations! Looking forward to hearing the Sound of Music soundtrack.
Oh, dear friend, CONGRATULATIONS!! Thanks for your inspiration and encouragement! You ROCK in more ways than one. I have t2b envy! Love u!
Way to go Jen! So proud for you!

March Athlete Spotlight

Jeromy Speciale

Hey y'all!  Things are moving fast and furiously right now!  We have a ton of new people as well as over 40 people registered in the CrossFit Games Open.  Most people are not registered this year but your goal needs to be to do everything you can to prepare for next years open.  Be Better Than Yesterday!  Be consistent and don't just go through the motions in life!

Even though the gym is hopping we always pause to recognize one of our awesome athletes.  This month, the spotlight shines bright on a guy we all love.  Well, as you can tell from the pic, some love Orlando more thaContinue Reading
Awesome Job, Orlando!!!!!
Congrats Orlando! Keep it up!
Congratulations Brother O! Well deserved. Your passion and hard work have definitely paid off. I know your progression thus far is only the beginning of countless PR's. Way to represent as a fellow officer and a fellow Marine." Semper Fi"
Congratulations Orlando!! Keep up the great work. Looks like the secret's out on the beer thing.
I've learned not to be surprised by Orlando. He is an awesome athlete and a good representative of our box. He also makes some of the finest beer in town.

It's Time!

Jeromy Speciale


I just want to discuss the upcoming open and how we'll be handling it at SACF.  First off, Registration for the 2014 CrossFit Game Open is already live.

The Open basics:

  • Registered participants will compete in five workouts over five weeks to be ranked both worldwide and regionally.
  • The first Open workout will be released Thursday, February 27th at 7pm CST.  The results from each week's workout will need to be submitted online by the following Monday at 7pm CST.
  • Only the top 48 men, 48 women, and 30 teams from each region will move on to Regionals.
  • Masters wContinue Reading
    I completed the judges course!
    Evan, Good to hear you are "all in". Would not be the same without you there. We miss you at 6AM.
    that's what i'm talking about, evan! it'll be another great experience in your crossfit journey! by they way, you will get a bar muscle up THIS WEEK!
    OK, I'm all in. Was mulling it over and over for the past few weeks. First glance at my 2013 games profile page and I can see the miles of improvement from just one year ago. So, thanks to our great coaches and if anyone else is on the fence, just make the jump!

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